Advanced Tax and Accounting Consulting Program

Inscriptions Oct - Dic 2019

Do not miss the opportunity to train and be certified as a Tax and Accounting consultant

Professional Training 

  • What is P.A.C? (Advanced Program in Tax and Accounting Consulting).

    Aware of the great challenges facing people living in the USA and immigrants who want to have decent and stable work, which allows them to obtain better income, stability, or family security, Liberta privileges training as a strategic process, through which are acquired and develop specific knowledge and skills that positively impact the personal and work development of the individual.  

  • Who is it for?

    Students, professionals, the general public that need to acquire all the necessary knowledge, skills, norms and procedures of the area or simply complement, strengthen aspects and topics in specific areas.

  • Innovative

  • The program is innovative, because in addition to training the individual, it gives you the opportunity to enter our work staff as an advisory consultant, consultant leader, tax marketing specialist or instructor, earning income according to your personal performance.

Tax education

We offer tax education plans to help both new and established businesses. We offer a variety of seminars on the most common business and tax issues. We also have Tax Preparation Courses by levels for people who wish to acquire knowledge in the field.

Strategic Training Alliances

Successfully take on the challenges of the contemporary world!

We offer a range of complementary courses with qualified and certified University instructors in English, Digital Marketing, Photography, Networking, motivation and leadership and customer service

Liberta Consultants Network.

Liberta offers you a powerful communication network between consultants allowing multiple benefits, such as: knowledge sharing, clarifying doubts, offering their services and experiences, evaluating clients through service qualification, job offers, among others.

Quality Consulting

Our staff offers high quality advice based on customer service, so we strive to offer training based on high standards.

The Program

Liberta has designed an innovative and comprehensive training program to train accounting and tax consultants, in order to provide a short-term opportunity to have training that allows you to acquire a formal job in high demand in the workplace American