• Payroll

    In almost all companies, the Payroll is usually one of the most complex processes, by virtue of the details it requires. Changes in labor matters require a constant review of the laws and regulations that regulate the matter, to guarantee the proper calculation of each and every one of the concepts included in the mentioned process.

    Our payroll services are designed to provide you with a comprehensive solution in the management of your payroll obligations. With our services, you will only have to provide the data of your employees, such as hours worked, home address and other related.

These are the payroll services we offer:
    • Checks or direct deposit for your employees
    • Federal tax obligations
    • State and local tax liabilities
    • Unemployment tax liabilities
    • Quarterly tax forms
    • Year-end tax forms
    • Custom Payroll Reports
    • Tax deposit services
    • W-2s and 1099stails