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The last! Second stimulus check: Could it be more than $ 1,200?

To pay or not pay taxes on PPP loans? Small businesses face this uncertainty.

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10 basic tips on how to choose a good tax preparer

When filing our taxes, any mistake could be very expensive. That is why the best option is always to choose trained people who do their job with professionalism and dedication. 

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Earn more than $ 4,500 month, working as an independent tax consultant, instructor, online attention consultant, advisor, digital marketing, Accounting, stable work depending on your dedication.

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We train you in taxes and accounting with theoretical and practical exercises based on real cases, where you will acquire the necessary experience to start working immediately.

Technological platform, experience and Clients to start your work.

We offer a technological platform, processes, knowledge, work methodologies and experience to train you as a consultant and thus be able to provide a comprehensive service oriented to taxes and accounting.